How it Works

How it Works

  1. Register:

    Registration is mandatory on the Platform. You will be required to provide the “Registration Information” at the time of registering yourself.

  2. Choose the Services:

    Once you have registered yourself with the Platform, you will have the option to select the services you are looking for.  With specific reference to our traffic generation services, please note that we have a network of multi-million unique visitors waiting to be routed to your website using our unique targeting technique. Once you hire Palpable Ads, your website is set afloat in the pool of the visitors which sky rockets the traffic immediately.

  3. Place the order:

    You will be required to place the order by clicking on the “Place the Order” option. In the event, you are buying our traffic generation services; you shall be required to make payments at the time of order placement. 

  4. We will contact you:

    Once you have placed the orders, we shall contact you and share the copy of your requirements page. Please note that you should make it as detailed as possible. In the event, you need our consultation in preparing the same; we shall be available to you. 

  5. Discuss the services:

    You must disclose all your needs in detail so that we could understand your requirements.

  6. Based on the services, you will need to process the payment:

    Unless agreed otherwise, the fees are payable in advance. You will be required to process the payment to allow us start working on the project.

  7. Track the development:

    You may request us to show you the progress made on your project.

  8. Receive the final product:

    Once you process the final payment, you will receive the final product in your hand. In case of the services such as Facebook and Instagram likes, where you have already process the payment in full, you will receive our services within the stipulated time period.