• What is Palpable Ads? 

Palpable Ads is an online Platform which helps your websites and social media portals gain the visitors and reach using various tools and technologies.  

  • What services does Palpable Ads offer? 

We offer a divers range on solutions such as social media marketing, web development, web designing, advance targeting, anti-ad blocking, Search Engine Optimization, real time analytics, traffic management, visitor routing, and ad management etcetera

  • How do I avail your services? 

You can select the services you are looking for and then hire us through our website. 

  • What documents should I read before availing Palpable Ads services?

You must read our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Use Policy and Service Agreement before hiring us.

  • Is registration on Palpable Ads mandatory? 

Yes, registration is mandatory on Palpable Ads. You need to provide your details, such as your name and contact details etc., at the time of creating your profile on the website.


  • How do I check my reports for Traffic and Visitors campaigns?

Well, We believe in only transparency business. Once your account gets set up, we shall provide you a Google Shortener link or custom referral link to track your campaigns. If you wish to monitor real time analytics report, we recommend to to install tracking script of Google Analytics, Stat Counter or Extreme Tracking into your website.   

  • How do I check my reports for Social Media Marketing Campaigns?

Since we are requesting you to provide us exact numbers of followers, likes, subscribers, views, downloads, plays, associated to your opted subscriptions with us. Post validation and upon successfully delivery we will simply provide you increased numbers of your opted subscriptions with lifetime guarantee, subject to purchased products conditions and TOU, SA. 

Pricing and Payments:

  • Can I get refund of the payments? 

Refund option is not available to our Clients as of now. You may, however, write us at support@palpableads.com and describe the issues with the product you are encountering.  We assure you that we shall consider it. The only time a client is eligible for a refund is if the order was not completely fulfilled as determined by our platform and the tracking link set up. Refunds will not be offered based on unrecommended trackers.

  • In which currency do you accept the payments? 

 We accept payments in INR and USD.

  • What are the payment options available to me? 

You can use your credit and debit cards to make the payments. We also have Paypal and net-banking facility.

Signups / Sales/ Conversions:

  • We cannot give you 100% assurance that you will receive sales/signups/conversation from our visitors services that we send, It is totally subject to availability of your Deals, Excited Offers, Content, Products and Buyable stuff on your website. But we give you 100% assurance that we will deliver traffic/visitors as per you have ordered. So, if nothing originates from the activity sent, we are held innocent and we won't have the capacity to issue a refund.


  • I want to join you as a partner, what should I do? 

You can create your profile as a partner on the website and sign our Partnership Agreement. After approval, you will be buying our Products and Services as a partner. Please note that as a user of the website, the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy shall be applicable to you.

  • When will I get paid?

Payments are made monthly if your balance meets the minimum threshold. We releases partners commission on or before 10th of each month.

  • What happens to my commission fees if they do not meet the minimum payment threshold?

If we owe you less than INR 500 (for Indian Partners) and $10 (for international Partners), your fees will be rolled into the next month's total.

  • Do partners get refund? 

No, we do not have any refund policy for partners.

  • Do I need to secure any agreement with the Clients? 

Yes, you may sign an agreement with your client; however, in no circumstance you shall make Palpable Ads a party to it. 

  • Can I represent Palpable Ads? 

No, you cannot bind Palpable Ads in any manner whatsoever. Further, we do not grant any authority to our partners to represent us.

  • Will I be given a partner profile?

Yes, you will have your partner profile with Palpable Ads.


  • What type of personal information does Palpable Ads collect?

You may be required to provide your full name, address and contact details at the time of registration. We collect your personal information at the time you register with us and on multiple occasions as described in our Privacy Policy. The personal information also includes the information such as your Credit Card number, PAN number, Aadhaar number, Passport Number, Full name, date of birth, contact details, home address etc. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details on the personal information collected by Palpable Ads.

  • What type of non-personal information is collected by Palpable Ads?

Error logs, your IP address, analytics report, crash reports are some of the examples of the non-personal information that we collect from our users. Any Information collected from you, excluding the information which can be used to identify you as a living individual, is the non-personal information. These are mainly logs and reports that do not identify you individually. We may also collect some non-personal information through questionnaires or surveys targeted to our users. Our partner companies may also collect the non-personal information from you and share them with us.

  • Do you use Cookies on your website?

Yes, we use cookies on our website. There are four types of cookies we use: Technical Cookies, Functional cookies, Analytics Cookies, and Third party cookies. Please read our cookie use policy or privacy policy for more details on cookies used by Palpable Ads. 

  • How do you protect my personal information? 

Our Privacy Policy has been written in compliance with the personal data protection directives, Indian IT laws, Rules and Regulations. We make reasonable effort in improving the protection of the information in our possession. We have implemented standard security features to keep the information protected at all point in time. Further, we have implemented strict policies to ensure utmost protection to the personal information of the users from any unauthorized access and use. We have also implemented various restrictions on the access and use of any user information in our possession. For example, we do not allow an unauthorized person or employee to handle any user information collected in pursuance of this Privacy Policy. However, you must understand that there is no data protection method which is 100% secure. 

  • What is confidential information?

Confidential Information means any information or document in whatever form or format belonging to, in the possession of, under the control of, in the knowledge of, or howsoever related to the Client and/or the Service Provider which has been disclosed or made available, directly or indirectly, to the Service Provider and/or the Client in any manner, which is (i) confidential and proprietary in nature, or (ii) which has been designated as confidential by the Client and/or the Service Provider, or (iii) the unauthorized disclosure of which would, or would be likely to, prejudice the interests of the Client and/or the Service Provider, and this includes all trade secrets, know-how, all personal and sensitive data.

  • How can I contact you for my privacy related queries?

You can write email to support@palpableads.com.