Cookie Use

  • We use cookies and beacons on our Platform to collect some non-personal information such as your IP address, web browser type, date and time of your visit, and preferred language etc. Cookies are small text files with id tags transferred via a web browser and thereafter stored on your system’s storage or mobile device. They are created and transferred at the time you visit our Platform or any other website that uses cookies to track user information. They are used to collect the non-personal information such as the date and time of your visit, language selection, and your preferences. There are two types of cookies used by our Platform a) cookies by REPL; and b) cookies by third party websites. The third parties include an advertiser, linked websites, or the partner companies that use cookies on their websites.
  • The session cookies are very important for us to help ensure you use our Platform easily. The session cookies identify you as one user when you browse through different pages of the Platform. If we do not have session cookies, the Platform will recognize you as a new user on each different page you go through. You may also be asked to provide same information again and again in absence of the session cookies. The session cookies are temporary. They are used to track your activities on our Platform and manage our user sessions. They remember the pages you have visited and allow you an easy navigation. The session cookies are automatically deleted at the time you close your browser.
  • The permanent cookies remain in your system for as long as you do not delete them. However, if they reach their expiry date before you delete them manually, they get removed out of your system or the mobile device automatically. They are also called the persistent cookies because they persist in your system for a longer period of time. We use the permanent cookies to remember your information and settings. They can also store your password if you click on the option “remember password”. The permanent cookies also remember your language selection, preferred theme, bookmarks, menu preferences, or favorites. The permanent cookies make the use of the Platform convenient by allowing an easy login when you visit the Platform in future.
  • The cookies can be installed on your device, whether you are registered with us or not. They are created at the time you visit our website. They are generally installed at the time you open our Platform or any third party website that uses cookies. The third party cookies can be installed at the time you click on any ad or visit any linked website. They are installed in your browser’s subfolder.
  • We do not use cookies to scan or spy on your personal information contained in your system or mobile device. Any information contained in a cookie is simply the result of your actions. For example, if you fill out a form on the website, the cookies may record it. Please note that the information recorded by our cookies is encrypted and therefore, a third party server cannot read or decode the information contained therein.
  • We use cookies to collect the information such as the date and time of your access, your preferences, user id and the browsing details etcetera. The cookies can also store your password if you select the ‘remember password’ option. Since the passwords stored in the cookies are encrypted, no other servers except the server that had created the cookie would be able to read your password. Your user id, system, and browser details are stored at the time you select ‘remember me’ option. We use the cookies on our Platform to manage our user’s sessions, tracking information and remembering the language a user has selected. The cookies help you in saving your time by automatically selecting the preferred language and remembering your system. For example, if you do not allow cookies on your system, you may need to answer the security questions every time you try to sign in to your account. However, if you allow them, you will not be required to answer the security questions again and again. This is because our server will recognize you with the help of the information stored in the cookies installed on your system’s storage or mobile device.
  • We use four types of cookies on our website. They are i) Technical Cookies; ii) Functional Cookies; iii) Analytics Cookies and iv) Commercial Cookies
    1. Technical Cookies: The technical cookies help us manage our Platform in a better way. Since our Platform contains multiple pages, including the user registration page, we need these functional cookies to establish coordination between these different functions.
    2. Functional cookies: The functional cookies remember your preferences such as country, language selection, and currency. They also remember your user id and password if you have saved them.
    3. Analytics Cookies: These cookies are used for our backend calculations and analysis. In order to serve our users best, REPL continuously tries to improve its website, application and the Services. Using analytics cookies, REPL understands and manages the traffic on its Platform. Further, the analytics reports are used in understanding a technical issue and developing a solution or updates.
    4. Third party cookies: Third party websites may install cookies on your system or mobile device. You are requested to read their cookie use policy before visiting or availing any of their Services. We do not own or control the third party websites, and therefore, we do not control the cookies transferred and the information collected by a third party website. The third party websites such as payment gateways may also install cookies on your system or mobile device.
  • We use web beacons to understand the traffic pattern on our website. The web beacons are also known as the pixel tags. The pixel tags can be used to identify whether a user has visited us directly or through a hyperlink/advertisement. This helps in improving our user’s experience on the website.
  • You can typically configure your web browser to not to accept the cookies. However, declining the use of cookies may limit your activities on the Platform. For example, you may experience using our communication facility. You may also be required provide certain information every time you use the Platform. For example, you may need to select your preferred language every time you visit us. Your web browser allows you to delete the permanent cookies installed on your storage. To delete the permanent cookies installed on your system or the mobile device, you can select the relevant options available in the settings of your web browser.
  • In order to remove the permanent cookies from your system, you need to delete them manually. If you are using:
    1. Chrome, you can visit chrome://settings/clearBrowserData and then select cookies to delete them.
    2. Mozilla Firefox, please visit about:preferences#privacy and then click on clear your recent history> cookies> clear now.
    3. To delete or disable the cookies from other browsers, you may visit the settings and select the most appropriate option.