About Us

Palpable Ads is a team of seasoned IT service experts with vast experience in handling a diverse range of IT related projects.
Our team consists of the energetic individuals with a dynamic personality to meets the expectations of our Clients in a timely manner.
Our team possesses the requisite skills and qualifications to handle the tasks assigned to it in an efficient manner. Further, we are equipped with all necessary infrastructure and manpower to complete the projects successfully in line with your needs. In the event, any additional requirement is notified, we immediately take note of the same to make sure all your requirements are duly met with. We strongly believe in being innovative while handling the projects and this innovation is brought into action with the help of various tools and technologies that we use at our back end. Palpable Ads has always reflected its commitment to better services through the work it has delivered over a period of time. It strives to understand the needs of the clients by listening and understanding their needs carefully. Integrity and transparency are our core values and they help us in disclosing all the factors you should reasonably know. We help you in understanding our services and the products in detail so that you have an opportunity to check if you are getting what you were looking for. Over a period of time, we have helped a number of clients in boosting their business to a new height by helping them with a new website, mobile application, SEO, graphic designing, social media management, and traffic management to name a few. Whether you are a well-established business or a startup, everybody is equally important to us.


Unique of its Kind:
Palpable Ads does not use bots to increase traffic, likes or viewership. The traffic, likes or viewership you receive are from real users which shows a steady growth in the analytics curve.

Nil Restrictions:
If you are using any of our traffic management or analytics services, you will experience nil restriction on the traffic routed to your website. We do not limit the number of likes, viewership or visitor for as long as you have hired us.

One Step Solution:
Depending on the packages you choose, we are one step solution to all your IT related needs which may include the website development, graphic designing, online marketing, Advance targeting, Anti-ad blocking, Search Engine Optimization, Real time analytics, Traffic management, Visitor or Viewership management, Ad management etc. Understanding Your Requirements:

Listening to our customers carefully is our priority. We pay attention to what you say. This way we make sure you exactly what you are looking for.

Our team strictly follows the path of innovation. We have unmatching technical advancements and we continuously scan the inner as well as the outer environment to keep ourselves updated on the recent developments in the IT sector.
We Are Reliable
Integrity and transparency are our core values which stand at the top of all. We assure our clients with utmost safety of the information of any nature that is shared with us in any manner whatsoever. We understand the importance of privacy of the information and therefore we are committed to protecting the same.


Effective Control and Co-Ordination: 
Our team is well-mannered to respond to the calls of the clients. We keep a close watch on the deliverable deadline. On a positive note, none of the team members have failed to deliver the work within time. Yet, as part of our strategic management practices and policies, we keep a check on the needed submissions. Except for the circumstances that are beyond our control, we guarantee to be always before time.
We meet the Representations:
We have a proven track record of delivering the services as per our representations. We have always been successful in meeting the scope of work as agreed with our clients. This is how we have been able to generate a long list of happy clients.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Read our Terms and Conditions before using Palpable Ads.
  • Read our Privacy Policy before using Palpable Ads.
  • Prepare a list of your requirements before hiring us.
  • Decide the timeline and the budget.
  • Keep your id and password secret.
  • Communicate regularly.
  • Do not use Palpable Ads or any of its products or services without reading the Terms and Conditions, Service Agreements and/or the Privacy Policy.
  • Do not post any obscene material on Palpable Ads.
  • Do not use Palpable Ads for any illegal purpose.
  • Do not share your personal information in public forums.
  • Do not be abusive towards the employees of Palpable Ads.